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Posted in directing, personal with tags , , , , on January 5, 2010 by barryshapiro

The Blue people really racked up some big numbers at the box office last week. They racked up over $350 million in under 3 weeks, not bad for a film that most of the critics loved to hate. But the real story, or should I say reel story, is not about fantastic plants on a fantastic planet or special effects or very tall aliens or whether or not Sigourney Weaver’s character smokes cigarettes. The amazing thing about Avatar is that it got made and that is a testament to director James Cameron. I have to admit, the guys got a touch. Let’s see, some Cameron classics include Aliens, True Lies, The Abyss, Terminator and, of course, Titanic. Not a bad track record.

What Cameron shows us is that talent combined with vision, dedication and an unwillingness to compromise can add up to greatness. I know a few people in the biz who just don’t like the guy, say he’s a prick. We’ll, maybe he is and maybe he isn’t but he gets a clear vision of what he wants and then he makes it happen – no matter what the odds. When everyone says he’s crazy and that he’s doomed to fail he just cranks it up a notch , dumps a few million more into it and makes it happen. That’s chutzpah! That’s putting yourself on the line. That’s brilliant!

I’ll probably go back and see it again next week. Now that I’ve enjoyed the film I think it would be great to go back and look at it from purely the technical point of view. This is a work of art and a technical masterpiece and will probably change the look of films in the years ahead.

I was moved by the story, awed by the visuals, impressed by the technology and delighted by the 3D. But I was really struck by the story of the guy who created the whole thing – who “saw” us and what we wanted to see. If you haven’t seen it yet I say get out to a theater and make sure you do the whole 3D thing. You will not be disappointed. When your there take a moment to think about Cameron’s incredible accomplishment, what it must have took to get this made and be inspired to go make your own masterpiece. I know that it has inspired me.