What $5 will get u

Last week I shelled out $70 to fill the tank of my Ford Exploder (sic). Today, down in sunny Pembroke Pines, Florida, I paid $3.89 a gallon – an all time high for me. If you want to know where it’s going to end I will tell you. I have it on good authority that the ‘agreed upon’ price in our nation’s capital is $5 a gallon. You read it here… FIVE DOLLARS A GALLON. At that point the bleeding should be contained. Now, this doesn’t sound like such a stretch since 4 is pretty close to 5 but the guy who told this to me did so about 2 years ago and at that time it seemed crazy. But he told me that it was a government sanctioned target number that the oil industry, the auto industry and the environmental lobby could all agree on and that it would happen within 4 years. He said we would see increases followed by slight reductions (but never back to where it was prior to the increases) and then another slight increase and etc. and so forth until we hit the magic number 5. I’d say that so far his insider information has been dead on. I’d tell you who this guy is but then I’d have to kill you…

So give it another year and we should be around 5. That’s what we have to look forward to. Are you driving a Hummer that gets 5 miles to the gallon? Start saving your shekels. Me? I’m looking at a hybrid. Or a Harley, which is sexier but tough to get the groceries home in.

I don’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat (I am neither), you have to admit that what is possibly the worst administration in the history of our nation is about to leave us in the lurch, and the shit is so deep I will probably not see a significant change for the better in my lifetime. The people I really feel for are the kids like my niece and nephew, young twenty-somethings, in or just out of college, who will have to deal with the burden of this political and social quagmire for the rest of their careers.

It seems that no matter what they do, Congress has either no clue or just can’t help enriching themselves at our expense. No matter who wins the next election, be it McCain, Obama, Hillary, or that mystery candidate that is going to magically appear out of some smoke filled room at the Democratic Convention (according to some wishful Gore-lovers I’ve spoken with) and be the savior of the Democratic Party and the nation, the downward spiral of political greed, special interests, global warfare, a global economy run by people with more money than God In their pockets, and all stirred by a false sense of entitlement, will only continue. Sorry for being such a pessimist but it’s just the way I am.


2 Responses to “What $5 will get u”

  1. So Barry, what happens when we hit the $5 goal?

  2. According to my guy, $5 is where it caps off. That could change however, depending on the elections, the war, another terrorist attack, etc. But $5 is teh magic number. The question is not what happens then but rather what will YOU do.

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